About GNSSer

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System Introduction

  1. Gnsser is dedicated to the research of high-precision data processing algorithms and applications of the global navigation satellite system (GNSS);
  2. Gnsser is aim to provide the processing solution of GNSS data with friendly interface, strong processing ability, high accuracy, stable performance, multi-system supporting and high automation;
  3. Gnsser is a scientific software, a independent research result with a number of pioneering technologies, and we adhere to the concept of "technology is supreme", keeping developing and improving constantly;
  4. Gnsser is a domestic software with completely independent intellectual property rights;
  5. One feature of Gnsser is the distributed computing and parallel algorithm of large-scale GNSS data。

Service Conditions

  1. The desktop public version v 1.0 of Gnsser provides using for free, anyone can freely use, copy, copy this version of the software;
  2. To use parallel computing, Gnsser is run in environments of .net 4.0 or above。

System Requirements

Operating System Windows Xp above, recommend Window 7 Sp1
Runtime Environment .Net Framework 4.0
Internal Storage 500 MB above
Hard Disk 10 GB above
CPU 1.0 GHz above
Others If IGS service is required, a smooth network is needed

Main Functions

  1. Gnsser supports the reading of RINEX (2.x-3.x) data for all systems;
  2. Gnsser provides the caculations of GPS data and is currently limited to SPP and PPP;
  3. Gnsser provides the calculation of satellite orbits, clock correction and interpolation;
  4. Gnsser integrates AnyInfo geographic information system (independent research and development, same root with Gnsser), which can achieve the seamless calculation points on the map and the view of the orbit of the sub-satellite points;
  5. Gnsser can directly invoke other softwares, such as TEQC, RtkLib, GpsTk, Bernese, etc;
  6. Gnsser supports parsing and extraction of SINEX files;
  7. ......


  1. Gnsser is still evolving, and the subsequent versions can change a lot!
  2. If there are any exceptions, mistakes, bugs, etc. during the process of software usage, please report the status to our email or website feedback column.
  3. If you are using our software to write papers, please quote our paper.
  4. Gnsser welcomes any form of collaborations, developments and applications.
  5. Gnsser welcomes any form of donations.

Technical Support

If there are any problems with the system, please contact: gnsser@163.com or fill in the feedback section of the website

GNSSer development group