GNSSer 桌面公开版 1.3 发布啦!

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经过半年多的努力,我们发布了GNSSer 桌面公开版 1.3,欢迎各位GNSSer们使用。

GNSSer 桌面公开版 1.3 更新说明



3.系统升级到了.NET 4.5,将不再支持 Windows XP;

4.增加了对新的数据格式支持,包括 gz 格式的压缩文件自动解压,RINEX 3.0的 rnx 格式解析等;

5.增加支持 IGS14和IGS08的两种参考框架文件依据星历的自动选择的功能;

6.增加了钟差查看界面,在 查看/钟差文件 菜单下;

7.自动钟差中,钟差默认采用 IGS clk_30s 产品(可显著缩短收敛时间),若获取或加载失败后,将自动使用 clk 产品;







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After more than six months of hard work, we released the GNSSer desktop public version 1.3, which is to be used by all GNSSers.

GNSSer Desktop Public Version 1.3 Update Instructions

1. Software download URL: 

2. Added the output report of webpage format. After the calculation is completed, it will pop up automatically or you can choose to open it manually;

3. The system upgrade to .NET 4.5 will no longer support Windows XP;

4. Added support for new data formats, including automatic decompression of compressed files in gz format, rnx format resolution in RINEX 3.0, etc.

5. Added support for two reference frame files for IGS14 and IGS08 based on the automatic selection of ephemeris functions;

6. Added the clock difference view interface under the View/Clock Error File menu;

7. In the automatic clock error, the clock difference defaults to IGS clk_30s (which can significantly shorten the convergence time). If the acquisition or load fails, the clk product will be used automatically.

8. The ephemeris and clock difference are automatically spliced every other day, so that the daily observation data can be calculated to the last epoch;

9. Supports ultra-fast and fast ephemeris / clock automatic matching;

10. The input logs are marked with different colors. The user can select the type of output. Only 5,000 entries are displayed on the interface. Check the log files for more information.

11. Batch single-site calculations increase the log records of failed files;

12. The parametric drawing function is enhanced, you can zoom and move the drawing, view the details of the area;

13. Other amendments and improvements, such as optimizing product acquisition, repairing file reading, parsing, output, and reading of some abnormal observation files.

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