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我们已经发布了 GNSSer 1.4 桌面公开版,您可以免费下载使用了!


GNSSer 1.4 桌面公开版涵盖了GNSS数据处理中,地址生成-数据获取-数据解压-地图显示-文件筛选-格式化转换-观测文件编辑-非差精密定位-差分精密定位-定位收敛时间分析和精度估计,整个流程的全部功能。主要更新如下:

1.软件下载网址:  ;

2.修正了GNSSer1.3 出现的问题,见 GNSSer 1.3 测试出现的问题   ;

3.增加了收敛时间统计和精度分析功能,见菜单 工具/收敛时间与精度分析,该功能可以发现计算差的数据并估计结果外符合精度;

4.基线模块增加 简易载波双差 计算功能,可以用于高精度计算单频短基线;

5.完全支持 RINEX 3.03 观测数据,改进了格式转换功能,优化了速度,见菜单 准备/格式化转换;

6.增加“观测数据编辑器”功能,可以对指定卫星,指定历元数据进行删除,见菜单 准备/观测文件编辑器,也可以直接点击带剪刀的图标;


8.AnyInfo增加KML格式输出,输出后KML可以加载到Google Earth和Google Map中显示;


10.GNSSer 非差定位(PPP)测试情况 见   ;



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Dear GNSSer users:

We have released the GNSSer 1.4 desktop public version. You can download it for free.

This is a relatively big improvement.

GNSSer 1.4 Desktop Open Edition covers GNSS data processing, address generation-data acquisition-data decompression-map display-file filtering-formatting conversion-observation file editing-non-differential precise positioning-positioning convergence time analysis and precision estimation, and all functions of the whole process. The main updates are as follows:

1. software download website:;

2. Fixed the GNSSer 1.3 problem, see GNSSer 1.3 test problem;

3. The functions of convergence time statistics and precision analysis are added. See menu tool/convergence time and accuracy analysis. This function can find the bad data and estimate the accuracy of the results.

4. the baseline module adds simple carrier double difference calculation function, which can be used for high-precision calculation of single frequency and short baseline.

5. Fully support RINEX 3.03 observation data, improve the format conversion function, optimize the speed, see menu preparation / format conversion;

6. Adding the function of "Observation Data Editor" can delete the specified satellite and epoch data, see the menu preparation/observation file editor, or click on the icon with scissors directly.

7. support dynamic positioning function, including dynamic pseudo range, PPP, double difference, etc.

8.AnyInfo increases the output of KML format. After output, KML can be displayed in Google Earth and Google Map.

9. rewrote the help document;

The 10.GNSSer non differential location (PPP) test case is

11. increase RINEX compression file (D file, Cnx file) batch decompression function;

12. other improvements, such as data read and repair, computational efficiency optimization, etc.

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